Retail & Manufacturing

In the information age, as customers become more aware of market opportunities, areas of the economy, such as manufacturing and retail, are rapidly expanding to make the difference: early-deployed IT solutions are now being used to promote the brand among educated consumers. Organizations are striving to optimize their supply chains, create more creative marketing campaigns (digital and email), and monitor fast-changing consumer tastes.

Collabera’s expertise in the retail and manufacturing fields Collabera has gained in-depth expertise to help its customers by providing a broad spectrum of services and solutions, from information and business intelligence to supply chain management and digital media services. With a dedicated team of employees working in the areas of retail and manufacturing, we can easily help our clients face the challenges and meet their needs in this area.

Collabera has provided us with a national service team in Poland, with one center for all our needs. In our opinion, the company understands the requirements of our business and helps us to work more effectively. Vice president, national retail network

Main areas supported for retail and manufacturing

  • ecommerce
  • web applications
  • integration with social media
  • mobile technologies
  • data warehouse / business intelligence and analytics
  • digital media
  • supply chain management
  • product lifecycle management
  • customer relationship management
  • security, health and the environment



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