Master Vendor Services

Your partner in a fluid change of suppliers

Collabera’s Master Vendor Services helps client effectively manage large pool of vendors, reduce vendor switching, administer payroll, and track programs after vendor change. Collabera works as a mediator in the comprehensive management of program using custom processes, latest tools and advanced control panels. We achieve 100% success in resource sharing, and our goal is to ensure that this process runs smoothly and without any interruption.

Below is the list of benefits our master vendor program offers. This program also covers the elimination of non-contractual expenses, risk control, and rationalization of supplier portfolio.

One Supplier Management Centre

Lowering the risks associated with co-employment

Access to the most important resources from the suppliers with whom the collaboration works, Collabera maintains good relationship with them

Remuneration / cost transfer to reduce liabilities and manage contract staff

Time savings and cost savings because of the support for all invoicing, payment, time sheets, and more

Increasing the diversity of suppliers

Comprehensive analytics and reports

The latest generation of accelerators, platforms, and tools that will change the provider smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

Powerful systems that cover the whole process of managing subcontractors

Comprehensive resource management: including compliance, new staff deployments, training and development, and employee retrenchment.

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