Staff Augmentation

For over 25 years Collabera has been providing professional services to fortune 500 companies and helping them find the right talent.  It has been one of the pioneers in the field of IT staffing and human resource services. Collabera is a global leader when it comes to providing the right candidate to its client in the most cost-effective manner.

Collabera’s client-centric model where a dedicated team of expert recruiters is assigned to a specific client has proved to be the most effective model. Collabera has been working with clients in every domain like financial services, manufacturing, retail, energy and utility services, communication and media, telecommunication services. IT focuses on providing tailor-made services to each of its clients to deliver high-quality services.

Collabera offers comprehensive staff augmentation services to its clients and helps them upscale and downscale based on their requirements. The most important parameter for a staffing industry is reducing cost, improving quality, and increase responsiveness. Collabera is known for meeting all three of the parameters almost all the time. It helps clients find the right resource in a short time and at a very competitive price.

We help our clients with staff augmentation service that seamlessly fits in with their existing workforce. Choosing the right technology could be tedious but what is more challenging is finding the right people to make the most of the technology. Collabera has a team of experts who understand each and every technology in detail and ability to offer the perfect solution to the clients.

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