Team Leasing

Team leasing/ IT Body leasing helps clients hire IT specialists to perform specific tasks at the client location for a particular duration, could be for a long or short-term duration.

IT body leasing is an ideal solution for clients that need specialist resources with various competencies for a project of a particular duration and were hiring a resource on a permanent basis is not feasible. Clients can be highly benefited from the expertise of IT specialists without hiring them. They can lease them with the help of the service called IT body leasing.

Collabera’s Team leasing/ IT body leasing services have been supporting corporates worldwide. It is a prime example of optimal cooperation model combined with best business practices and most importantly the expertise. There are many services Collabera offers under IT body leasing services like building and maintaining company’s IT infrastructure, designing and implementing process tools, auditing and IT revisions, and many more.

The real benefit of choosing Collabera’s Team leasing/ IT body leasing services is Collabera’s expertise in managing recruitment and payroll of the consultant. Collabera has been an industry leader when it comes to these services. From the initiation of the process, Collabera takes care of conducting complete recruitment drive, HR and payroll, salary negotiation, pay and contract termination and complete documentation.

Team leasing/ IT body leasing can really help clients in several ways like, cutting down the cost of having an IT specialist on their payroll, saving time and effort required to execute complete recruitment drive and getting exactly what they need. If you need to know more about how Collabera can help you with your critical projects through IT body leasing, please feel free to get in touch.

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